Dead Trees, an Absurdist Block Laying Game Prototype

I like to fool around with rigid body dynamics stuff and I have a soft spot for slightly silly game mechanics involving in-game physics (Fall Guys for example or even Farming Simulator, which had me laughing multiple times). And so it happened that I combined a well known type of game, which is totally not inspired by the popular block laying game™ of unknown origin, with rigid body and destructible physics.

Does it make sense? Well no, not really. Is it any fun? Not sure about that, but it might be. Is it absurd? Yes, and I like that.

This is the very first (archived) prototype version that demonstrates the idea (current version can be found here). There are multiple ways that this could be spun further:

  • The most depressing game ever. Desaturated colors, no way to win anything. Just stacking and breaking blocks until you lose. This might be interesting if I manage to integrate some sort of ironic subtext / meta game (similar to what the very awesome Stanley Parable does). Or it just stays depressing.
  • Winning by building up, i.e. the expected gameplay mechanic inverted. Not losing bricks at the bottom would be the actual challenge, the goal is to stack high enough to reach the top.
  • Regular block laying game with an ironic vibe to it. Weird blocks with holes etc. that must be broken up to win. Pinball Tilt like shaker move to rearrange bricks at the bottom and close gaps to complete the row.

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2022-05-03 21:20 +0200