On this site I share some of my personal projects with the world.

Most of the stuff I do centers around C++ / OpenGL / GPU shaders and GPU compute / low level Microcontroller stuff. Recently I started to broaden my interests towards the web, being especially fascinated by the prospect of running more low level / performance critical code in the browser, which is made possible by the more bare metal type APIs like WASM or WebGL (and probably WebGPU in the future). The typical HTML/JS based web app requires something like Electron to be used as a standalone desktop application, which is quite heavy weight and almost completely excludes code reusage for more resource constrained embedded devices.

Further I’m also into data visualization and data forensics, Hexmap is a brain child of that. I’m in the process of polishing up other projects I have lying around, they will be published here as well.

If you need expertise in the mentioned fields or have any questions you can contact me via unit520net at popular Google mail service.

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